About Us Who are we?

Founded in – yes, you guessed it – 2002, 2002 Studios began as a ‘traditional’ recording studio, before 2002 Studios Media Ltd was formed as a sister company in 2011. Since then, we have grown from one-person in a recording studio, to a team of project managers, studio managers and engineers stretching from India, through Eastern Europe and the UK, to the West Coast of America.

Bringing together a team of people with a true passion for all things creative, we work seamlessly to deliver all aspects of our clients’ projects – accurately, on time and on budget.

2002 Studios Media Ltd truly is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things localization. We will take your project, and can manage any or all of: the translation, script preparation, audio recording, post-production, subtitling and text localization.

Why Us

We Understand

Since our inception, the team at 2002 Studios Media Ltd has prided itself on our partner-centric working methods. Through our years of experience, we understand what is important to our partners:

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